The most used factory working table models

Currently, many types of factory working tables are used by many companies and businesses, becoming an indispensable product to support workers to work to achieve the highest efficiency. In this article, Sukavina will introduce to you the 4 most used types of factory working tables. Please refer

1.Features of the factory working table

Factory working table is also known as industrial working table. This type of product is used a lot in factories and enterprises to support workers to work more efficiently, saving time and costs. This product helps to optimize working efficiency as well as save space in the most logical way. The factory working table model is also an innovative solution that is widely used in today's market.

ban thao tac nha xuong.jpg (165 KB)

Stainless steel work table with square legs

This is a versatile product line used for manipulating work. The factory working table is also a product with moderate load capacity on each table, creating favorable conditions for goods to be manipulated.

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2 tier assembly table

2.The most popular models of factory working tables today

At present, with the development of the commercial economy, the demand for industrial working tables and factory workbenches is increasing day by day. Accordingly, the suppliers also produce many types of workbench models to suit the needs of different types of production.

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Plastic coated steel pipe working table with warning light accessories

The following content is the most commonly used types of factory working tables today, let's explore.

2.1Factory working table with plastic coated steel pipe

Steel pipe working table with ABS plastic or assembled working table is a commonly used type of table. This is a type of antistatic working table commonly used in clean rooms, industrial companies, electronic companies, especially Korean and Japanese companies. The table is assembled from plastic coated steel pipes linked with different specialized joints, each type of joint has a different connection function to form a working table.

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Workbench designed on request to suit each type of production

2.1.1 Structure of plastic coated steel pipe working table

* The table frame is made up of a plastic coated steel pipe frame linked together by specialized joints.

* The characteristics of this type of industrial workbench are that it does not rust, is easy to assemble, changes the structure flexibly, and has a reasonable cost. Because of their outstanding advantages, they are widely used in industry.

* The plastic coated steel pipe working table is made of MDF wood with 2mm thick blue anti-static rubber mat.

* Accessories included if required according to design such as lights, led system, air nozzles.

* Table legs are fitted with adjustable feet, or wheels. 

ban thao tac nha xuong 4.jpg (109 KB)

Versatile workbench supports the highest performance optimization

Plastic coated steel pipe working table has many different models and sizes due to the needs of customers such as 2 tier, 3 tier workbench, improved working table, working desk with drawers, combined working table. roller slider.

2.2 Factory working table with aluminum frame

The shaped aluminum frame workbench is often used in the manufacturing and assembling industries of electronic components. Because they have durability, high aesthetics as well as anti-rust features.

Profiled aluminum is a form of aluminum alloy, in order to maximize its advantages and characteristics, aluminum makers must regularly take them to metal processing. If the steel wants to prevent rust, it must be hot-dip galvanized. But for aluminum, this process is completely unnecessary and especially the aesthetic is always shiny over time.

ban thao tac nha xuong 3.jpg (178 KB)

1 tier aluminum frame working table

Most of the workshop or workbench should only use 30x30 or 40x40 aluminum profiles. In industry, most manufacturing units are equipped with working tables made from aluminum profiles because of the high applicability in terms of product size and material.

2.2.1 About the structure of the factory working table with aluminum frame

* Table aluminum frame by aluminum box, table frame assembled by corner ke. The wooden surface has anti-static rubber mats, increasing the galvanized steel legs.

* The table is designed with a system of lights, switches and some necessary accessories depending on different design requirements.

* The table leg is fitted with an adjustable stand or a car mount

ban thao tac nha xuong 8.jpg (259 KB)

Aluminum frame workbench for economical delivery

* This type of aluminum profile workbench is widely used in the market with its light weight, variety of models and sizes, and many accessories. As a result, the aluminum profile workbench is easy to assemble and light in weight.

* Solid working table, anti-rust, high aesthetic

* Aluminum has good electrical conductivity compared to many other materials such as steel and stainless steel, so its anti-static ability is also very high. Anti-static is an extremely important factor in the production of electronic components. because it affects not only the quality of the product but also the health of the workers.

2.3 Stainless steel factory working table

This model of stainless steel table is quite popular, especially for the food processing, pharmaceutical, confectionery, and beverage industries, etc., the use of the table is extremely necessary.

ban thao tac nha xuong 5.jpg (174 KB)

Clean room stainless steel work table

For the industry of assembling electronic devices and components, using a working table is extremely reasonable.

2.3.1`Structure of stainless steel working table

* The table is designed with stainless steel and has good corrosion resistance, so using the table in different environments is absolutely ideal for businesses. The table top is made of sheet metal, so it always looks shiny and new.

* The table has good resistance and durability when used to ensure the production process. Table legs are designed in 2 forms, round frame and square frame depending on the needs or work of the customer.

* The table base is covered with rubber to facilitate the operation on the table surface without channeling, wobbling, creating a comfortable feeling when working.

ban thao tac nha xuong 9.jpg (235 KB)

Stainless steel working table was delivered to Vacpro . company

* Compact design makes the table can work in any different terrain.

* Using stainless steel workbench increases the production process for the company. The table surface is designed to be wide and scratch-resistant on the table, which is able to withstand all impacts on the table.

* Creating a sense of satisfaction when working at a desk brings high productivity. Cost savings for businesses.

* With the information about the most commonly used workshop tables, you must have made the right choice for your business.

3. Where to buy reputable quality factory working table?

Sukavina Co., Ltd. is proud to be a supplier and distributor of factory working tables to the market. We have installed thousands of products for factories and enterprises to create prestige and brand with customers.

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Sukavina specializes in providing factory working tables on request

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