The green PVC conveyor belts are often used in industry such as food and beverage (F&B), cakeand candy, fruits, seafood, medicine, cegarette, prints, etc.

Different with the rubber conveyor belts, PVC conveyor belts often have the light or dark green. Their advantages are more elastic and durable than the rubber conveyor belts. However, the PVC conveyor belts only have the fabric core and do not have the steel core. The core plies are strongly linked together, so the layered phenomenon seldom appear. Although the PVC conveyor belts do not have the steel core, they can be very durable, bearing pulling force and impacts at high level, wear resistance, difficult to be damaged during working time. Moreover, the max temperature that PVC conveyor belts can bear is 80oC.

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The types of PVC conveyor belts:

The PVC conveyor belts’ width is 1 – 10 mm

Fabric core: 1, 2, 3,… plies

Types: the plastic cover ply is flat and the bottom ply is fabric; the plastic cover ply is flat and the bottom ply is rough with caro shape; elevator, wallside PVC conveyor belts.

When choosing the PVC conveyor belts, the buyers should pay attention on:

Surface’s quality

Specifications: length, width, thickness, and number of ply

Linked points’ quality

Others: elasticity level, flexibility, wear and force bearing, longevity, durability, speed as well as performing’s effectiveness.

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Sukavina Company is currently a reputable and quality distributor of rubber and PVC conveyor belts in the market. With a large number of products, a team of professional engineers, our company always provides high quality 100% new and >90% new conveyor belts with the most effective connection technology. The criterion of Sukavina company is to minimize the phenomenon of sieving, shaking the conveyor belt, broken joints as well as abrasion and damage in the long run.

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