Sukavina specializes in providing adjustable rubber feet

Rubber feet are used in combination with tables and chairs, machines to help improve working efficiency. At the same time, the rubber base also helps to protect the product, damping and anti-vibration during use

Nowadays, rubber feet are commonly used. This is a useful item used in combination with tables and chairs, industrial machinery.

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Commonly used rubber feet

Rubber feet are designed to be anti-vibration, anti-noise, anti-scratch and can be easily adjusted high and low.

Please refer to the following information with to better understand the product.

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The stand has many different sizes

1. Structure of rubber feet

» The lace part is made of very strong galvanized steel, with high aesthetics.

» The base is made of high-strength rubber, anti-vibration, good damping.

» Rubber feet with different sizes 7.5-10-15cm high.

» The thread has many sizes M8, M10, M12, M16…

» The height of the stand can be adjusted easily.

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The lace part is made of very sturdy stee

2. Why use rubber feet?

» Avoid direct contact of the product with the floor, causing scratches to the floor or damage to the product.

» In the process of working and operating the machine continuously vibrates, making noise. These fluctuations can damage the machinery or related products. Therefore, the use of rubber feet to reduce shock is extremely necessary.

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working table with stand

» Especially, the rubber base also has insulating properties, helping to protect the safety of users when there is an electrical leak.

» For places where the terrain is not flat, the product placement is unstable, the stand is an effective solution. Because the base can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily to suit many environmental conditions.

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roller shelf with stand

» Moreover, helping the product to stand firmly, not in contact with the ground or the floor also helps the product to work better and have a longer life.

» The base is made of special steel, which is not oxidized, so it is widely used in industry and daily life.

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Conveyor designed with anti-vibration feet

3. You want to find a place to buy a reputable stand?

On the market there are many shops, places selling stand. However, to buy a quality stand, consider carefully.

Sukavina Co., Ltd. is a leading unit in the South specializing in providing rubber feet, stands of all kinds, operation tables, shelves, trolleys ...

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Sukavina specializes in providing all kinds of stands, adjustable feet

If you are looking to buy a quality stand, come to Sukavina immediately for advice and choose the most suitable type.

Sukavina with a technical team of many years of experience, will support customers enthusiastically, giving customers absolute peace of mind.

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Working table with extra stand design manufactured by Sukavina

If you are interested in our quality products, please contact us for advice!

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