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Trolley is an extremely convenient product, used very commonly. Trolley makes transporting goods easy and fast.

Currently, trolleys are not too strange for factories, production areas, restaurants, and hotels.

You can understand simply trolley is a term that refers to a trolley with a chamber, helping employees to store materials, tools and products needed when working.

Trolleys bring convenience, speed up the working process, and bring higher productivity.

Please refer to the following information to know more about this product!

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Nowadays, trolleys are widely used

I. Structure of the trolley

» The frame is made of powder-coated welded steel or stainless steel pipe, which is extremely resistant to heat, impact and impact.

» Designed with a room to store things, convenient for the working process.

» The legs are fitted with wheels for convenience in moving

» Can be designed at the request of the customer, dividing the cabin into many compartments to easily arrange furniture.

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Trolley trolley can be designed according to customers' requirements

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Trolley has good load capacity, long life

II. The drifting characteristics of the trolley

» High durability, long use time

» Help arrange and transport goods easily

» Flexible design, suitable for use

» Can be used in many different environments from production areas to hotels and restaurants.

» Help save time and improve working efficiency.

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Trolley with many compartments

III. Prestigious trolley processing unit

There are many trolley suppliers on the market, because this is a popular product serving many industries.

Sukavina Co., Ltd. is proud to be a leading unit in the field of processing convenient products such as: shopping carts, operating tables, multi-purpose shelves....

Moreover, Sukavina also provides genuine imported materials such as: hj couplings, roller sliders, wheels, plastic coated steel pipes...

To avoid the situation of using fake goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods, customers should carefully research and choose a place to buy materials as well as reputable processing.

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Trolley produced by sukavina


Reasons you should buy sukavina's trolley

» Processing on demand.

» Imported production materials, quality assurance.

» Technical team with many years of experience.

» Free consultation and design (with 3D drawings for customers to easily visualize).

» The selection of raw materials to the finished product is strictly checked.

» Fast delivery, on time

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Help improve working efficiency with shopping carts

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