Roller conveyor systems in production workshops

Roller conveyor system helps transport goods from one place to another quickly, conveniently, improving labor efficiency.

Roller conveyor systems are extremely important parts of the production line of businesses. This system adopts modern technology to help the goods transport quickly, smoothly and smoothly.

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The roller conveying system is the perfect solution for transporting light, medium to heavy loads in a variety of work environments.

Structure of a roller conveyor system

»The system includes conveyor frame and roller system to support and move goods easily.
»Conveyor frame is made of shaped aluminum, powder coated steel frame or stainless steel.

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»Inside rollers are steel for durability, with plastic for the outside.
»Two roller ends are machined chamfered, grooved, punched or threaded with bolts according to the purpose and application for mounting to the conveyor frame.
»The roller conveyor system is designed with an additional barrier and speed reducer to prevent the product from falling out as well as ensure the optimal transportation.

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Outstanding advantages when using roller conveyor system

»Simple structure, high durability
»Smooth rotation speed, no noise
»Using mechanical strength, following natural inertia does not cost much
»Easy to take apart, reasonable investment cost compared to other types of conveyors
»Surface roller ball, low friction coefficient, waterproof dust, easy to clean

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»Reduce transportation costs, increase labor productivity
»Saving labor costs, reducing labor
»Creating professional and dynamic production processes.

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Location to design quality roller conveyor systems

Sukavina Co., Ltd is the leading company in Vietnam in the field of designing roller conveyor systems to help businesses improve their productivity to the maximum.
Sukavina is increasingly asserting itself in the field of business improvement, offering versatile products that improve labor productivity and minimize investment costs in a methodical manner.
Sukavina always accompanies businesses, specializing in providing products such as multi-function working tables, shelves, trolleys ... Designed on demand, suitable for the working environment and purpose of each enterprise.

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Besides, Sukavina also supplies the necessary materials in production and import from South Korea such as plastic coated steel pipes, couplings, wheels, roller sliders, etc.
Sukavina with a team of technicians with many years of experience, from the selection of raw materials to the final stage are strictly inspected. Therefore, coming to Sukavina you absolutely can safely own the best quality products.
If you are interested in our quality products, please contact us for advice!

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