PU plastic roller helps transport goods easily

PU plastic rollers are now used by many businesses, with the main purpose of transporting goods from one point to another quickly, reducing labor costs and improving labor productivity.

Transporting goods is one of the difficult problems for many businesses and manufacturing plants.
In order to transport goods quickly, ensuring the progress and labor safety for workers is extremely necessary and plays an important role.
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PU plastic roller are now used by many businesses, with the main purpose of transporting goods from one point to another quickly, reducing labor costs and improving labor productivity.
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Structure of PU plastic roller

»The frame of the plastic roller is made of extremely strong steel, does not rust due to the impact of the environment.
»The inner roller is steel to make it strong, the outside is covered with smooth plastic, the rotation speed is smooth and does not make noise.
»Depending on the distance of goods, plastic rollers can be cut and assembled to create a smart and scientific transportation system.
»Having barrier system, speed humps are designed depending on the production area.

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Application of pu plastic roller into production

Instead of using manual labor to carry goods takes a lot of effort, time and cost. The use of pu plastic roller to transport goods is a great solution.
Plastic roller help free labor, minimize the cost spent to hire workers. In addition, the automation of the roller chain production line helps to improve labor efficiency by 30% compared to the initial estimate.
A special thing that can not be ignored is the use of a roller conveying line to ensure labor safety, avoiding the drop of goods during transportation.
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Outstanding advantages when using PU plastic rollers

»Solid structure, bearing and good heat resistance
»Glossy surface, hard to get dirty, easy to clean
»Lightweight, easy to move and reuse
»Using mechanical strength should save maximum cost
»Suitable for environments with strict anti-static requirements
»Transporting goods easily, ensuring safety for workers
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The unit offers quality pu plastic rollers

Sukavina Company is the leading company in Vietnam supplying materials for factories and production areas such as: pu rollers, plastic coated steel pipes, aluminum pipes, stainless steel pipes, couplings, wheels ...
Moreover, Sukavina is also a unit directly processing the production of versatile products to improve production such as: working tables, versatile shelves, trolleys ...
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Sukavina with a team of experienced technicians, modern production lines committed to giving you absolute quality products.
All stages of Sukavina's production are strictly controlled from the stage of selecting raw materials to finishing products. Come to Sukavina you can completely put your trust in confidence.
In particular, Sukavina also offers production ideas, free 3D design drawings so that you can easily visualize and choose the most suitable products for your business.
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