Plastic coated steel core pipe

Plastic coated steel core pipe is used to create many products used in production areas, factories, enterprises such as operating tables, shelves, trolleys ...

Nowadays, plastic-coated steel core pipes are increasingly widely used and are the best choice for specialized manufacturing enterprises.

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Unlike other common pipes, plastic-coated steel core tubes contain many outstanding advantages due to their high strength as well as flexible cutting.


People often use plastic-coated steel core pipe to do?

Plastic coated steel core pipe is used to create many products used in production areas, factories, enterprises such as operating tables, shelves, trolleys ...
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Even today people still use plastic-coated steel pipes in daily life to make furniture, decorative shelves, clothesline rigs, hydroponic vegetable rigs ...
Using plastic-coated steel core pipe is a solution to prevent the environment's corrosion and prolong the product's life.
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Structure of plastic core steel pipe

»The thickness of the pipe is from 0.8 to 1.2mm depending on the purpose of use, the load we choose is different.
»The inner core is special steel layer, certainly
»The outside is covered with ABS plastic with high durability, no corrosion due to the impact of the environment.
»Various tube colors: ice cream, green, blue, yellow, red, black, white ...
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»Origin: Genuine Korean imports
What are the advantages of plastic-coated steel core pipe?
»Compared to other types of pipes, plastic-coated steel core pipes are diverse in colors, easy to choose to arrange space as well as improve aesthetics.
»Structure of pipe is firm, good load, durable for environment.
»The length of a conventional tube is 4m, but we can be flexible in cutting.
»Maximum savings on production costs, not as expensive as fixed welding costs.
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»Change product structure easily, removable and easy to move.
»No need to invest in modern machinery but still create convenient products, optimally serving the production process.
»High anti-static ability, ensure strict anti-static requirements.
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The place supplies genuine Korean plastic-coated steel core pipes

Sukavina Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the field of supplying materials for factories and enterprises such as plastic coated steel pipes, aluminum pipes, stainless steel tubes, roller sliders, wheels ...
Besides, Sukavina also directly processes products for the production process such as operating tables, multi-purpose racks, shopping carts, conveyors ... Supporting businesses to improve outstanding production.
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Sukavina pledged that all products are imported from Korea, goods are always available in stock in large quantities.
Currently on the market there are many places offering plastic-coated steel pipes from China with low price and poor quality. Therefore, we recommend that you also explore reputable locations.
Please contact Sukavina today for quick advice and choose for themselves the right products, clear origin.
If you are interested in our quality products, please contact us for advice!

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