Metal Furniture Fabrication

With a comprehensive process from metal fabrication, cutting, bending, welding, stamping, to final electrostatic powder coating, Sukavina fulfills every demand for metal furniture manufacturing: tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, and more.

Product Code: NTKL-01



At Sukavina, we possess the essential capabilities you need:

  • Automatic metal cutting machine
  • Automatic non-Swarf metal cutting machine
  • Metal stamping machine
  • Automatic bending machine
  • Automatic metal laser cutting machine
  • Shot blasting machine
  • Automatic punching machine, dual-axis H-frame punching machine
  • Tig, Mig, laser welding machine, metal bending machine
  • Automated electrostatic powder coating system

This demonstrates the company’s financial strength, human resources, organizational competence, management proficiency, and project implementation capabilities desired by esteemed partners. We not only focus on delivering quality products but also ensure swift construction progress, timely delivery, and meticulous monitoring throughout the production process to provide absolute peace of mind for our customers.